The Big move

Hello from California.

The packing has begun.
The Shipping container has been delivered(!) to our driveway.

Konrad feeding the neighborhood cats in front of our container.

For a little while now Jeff and I have talked about purchasing our own home. Finding a stable longterm location for Konrad to grow up. The Bay Area is fantastic and the weather is perfect here. Our friends and Jeff's family is here. BUT, yep a big but, the housing here is so out of our price range that we can only laugh at the million dollar plus price tags.

It's not the easiest decision to decide where you want to live. The country is huge and with Jeff's job we can essentially live anywhere. Although we did narrow down the list a little and considered a couple of different places to live;

We considered different locations in California with more affordable housing. But most locations are a 2 hour plus drive away and we would still be too far from all our friends and family for easy day to day visits.

Denver Colorado, a nice family friendly place thats growing. We visited our friends that moved there and we did like it. We landed the day after a huge snow storm and although I lived in Sweden for my fist 19 years of my life I'm not sure I want to shovel snow every winter again. Denver has a nice airport for Jeff to fly in and out of but the winter weather can make a little unpredictable.

So to narrow down our search a little we looked at driving distances from Jeff's job and decided on Austin, Texas. We have visited Austin 3 times over the last couple of years and loved it every time we have been there. Even though Austin is the Capitol of Texas it doesn't feel very conservative like I imagine the rest of Texas is.
We spent 2 weeks there in April ('16) to scope out the area. Austin is a growing city with lots of family friendly activities. We saw a lot of people walking, jogging, hiking, biking, paddling on the river, and playing in the parks.

Yes I know what you are thinking. Texas is HOT! Yes we know. We lived in Lousiana for 3.5 years so we know how hot summers feel. But there is plenty of pools and splash pads around for us too cool off in.

So if you want to follow along our journey I will update the blog along they way to Austin and through our house hunting and beyond.


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